Top Mistakes to Avoid in Making Business Cards

Giving business cards are one of the most effective business strategies that business proprietors, sales representatives, and service providers use to introduce themselves to potential clients. It provides your target market a quick snapshot of your qualifications, commodities and services, as well as personal information. It is important to have a unique business card that will make your possible client notice you and your brand. On the other hand, you can lose clients if you have unremarkable-looking business cards. Remember, the key here is to make your card look unique, impressive, and very professional.  We’ve listed below some of the top mistakes to avoid when creating your business cards:

• Refrain from printing too many details and unnecessary information. If you have a cluttered business card, your potential clients might get the impression that your company is disorganized. Remember the old adage, first impression always lasts. The necessary details to include are your name, company and logo, contact details and designation.
• Do not copy the format and design of other business cards. You ought to have a unique marketing tool that projects you as a professional entrepreneur which offers something new. You should also try to avoid using cheap paper or colors that fade easily. Do not scrimp on the materials. Make sure that the card will create an impact.
• Oversized business cards are a no-no in the corporate world. Besides, these will not likely fit in your business card holder or wallet. It will definitely be counter-productive if you give crumpled cards to prospective customers. Opt for cards with standard dimensions.
• The business card should not have an inferior message presentation. It is meant to be a powerful marketing tool with an advertising capacity. The card must convey the message that you are the expert in your particular niche. Your business catchphrase and logo need to be evident and that the product or utility you offer is the most best one in the market.
• Do not use small and illegible fonts because your clients will most likely not read your business card. Do not use too striking colors. The color scheme has to blend well with the background, pattern and letters.
• Avoid silky paper since it will prevent you or other people to write on the card. It is better to choose cards with matte finish so you can write easily using any kind of pen. When you print contact details, see to it that you include business telephone lines, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, and links to social media networking sites. As a rule, it is not proper to print anything on the back of your business card.
• Do not include your branding concepts, taglines or any other brand promise. All these details can be provided in proposals, company profiles and other company collaterals. Likewise, never include and marketing gimmicks that can only ruin your business and personality.

Staying away from these blunders will provide your enterprise with a positive image that will definitely prove to be a come-on for more business opportunities.

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