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Updated 19/05/2020

Where are all the web cams?

Like millions of other people all over the world, you may have a sudden need for a web camera.

As a result of world events there is a massive shortage of web cameras worldwide. Particularly mid range cameras. Wait times for cameras with most suppliers is around 6 weeks.

Our staff has contacted other online sellers, and even called around local stores both in the USA and other countries like England & Australia in an attempt to see if there were other sources available we could tap into.

What we've found is that they're all experiencing the same thing - as soon as stocks come in, they're out the door to people (like you) who have ordered product.

Add to this world shortage a reduction in manufacturing for a time (while China was shut down), a broken supply chain with longer than normal shipping times, an increase in online shopping (which has placed a big burden on all things to do with deliveries in the US and around the world) as well as social distancing requirements - to say its been challenging is a wild understatement.

See this article World Web Cam Shortage Causing Price Rises  

How has Niftythingz been tackling this?

  1. As much as possible we're supplying cameras from our warehouse when possible.
  2. We have large orders in place to replenish stock in the warehouse - as soon as they come in they go out to customers.
  3. Where we deem it more efficient and faster, we order single items directly from our Manufacturer in China and have them shipped directly to customers.
  4. Notices have been placed on the website warning people of delays,
  5. Notices have been placed on the product page informing customers of the situation,
  6. We've updated notification emails upon product ordering to reflect the latest information.
In spite of all this, our support desk is getting slammed with a ton of emails every day, mostly very polite and kind. Some not. (Please remember we're people too)
So the purpose of this page is to answer the most common questions that we've received.

Q. How long will my camera take to arrive?

A. Currently - the average shipping time is 14-21 days (10-15 business days). Remember that business days are different - 5 business days per week. Some items are arriving very fast, some have been delayed by many days - the longest shipping time we've experienced so far is 28 days (but that is unusual)

Q. My tracking information shows that USPS hasn't received my package yet - has it shipped?

A. YES it has been ordered, and is being shipped to USPS. For USPS tracking, most times, a third party courier is responsible for getting your item to USPS.

If we've issued you a USPS tracking number, it means that YES your item has left the warehouse, and it is making its way to USPS. Often it takes some time for the item to show up in the USPS system.

This is true for any of the following status' in the USPS system: 
  • On its way to USPS
  • Pre-Shipment
  • Shipping label created (or something similar)
  • USPS Currently Awaiting Package

Q. Can I get a refund if its taking longer than I thought?

A. No. As soon as you order through the site, we process the order and pay the manufacturing and shipping costs (on your behalf) to send the product to you. We cannot stop the product once this has been done. 

Q. Can I get a refund if the product is faulty.

A. Yes - though please be sure to thoroughly read our refund policy to see what we need from you in order to process a refund on a faulty product.

Q. Can I get a refund if I no longer want the product?

A. No. As soon as you order through the site, we process the order and pay the manufacturer and shipping costs, on your behalf, to send the product to you.

Q. Can I cancel an order?

A. It depends. In most cases we process orders within a few hours (because we want to get your order to you as fast as possible). If your email to cancel the order reaches us before the order has been processed - then we certainly can.

Q. I don't have a tracking ID - has my item been sent?

A. Yes - tracking IDs are updated as soon as we can, sometimes this can take a while. But your order will have been processed within a few hours of your order and is on its way to you.

Q. I no longer need the camera, can i cancel my order and get a refund?

A. No. As soon as you order through the site, we process the order and pay the manufacturer and shipping costs, on your behalf, to send the product to you. We cannot stop it once it has shipped.

However, given the world shortage, reselling the item on ebay or some other place will be easy to do.


We are doing the very best we can to get your web cam to you as fast as possible. Please remember that we are a family business and we are real people who care about giving good service and supplying products to people as fast as possible. Circumstances beyond our control have made this situation really difficult for everyone.

Please be patient. Stay Well.

Niftythingz Support team


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